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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's unsigned Gendaito Shin Gunto (sold)

A very high quality Gendaito bladed shin gunto (unsigned, unstamped), taken from a WW2 Imperial Japanese army officer, not from a surrender ceremony.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's unsigned Gendaito Shin Guntoimage 995 1

Sold Item Notice

You can see and feel the quality with this Gendaito shin gunto. From the superb unsigned blade, to the full set of seppa, to the leather over heavy steel scabbard, this oozes a well made sword. The big bonus of course being the original sword knot / tassel, which shows this shin gunto was taken off an Imperial Japanese army officer (as they removed the knots / tassels when they surrendered swords at a surrender "ceremony"). There is a nick to the cutting edge near to the point but for Imperial Japanese militaria collectors this is no bad thing, as it implies use, as Japanese officers were prone. The nick is not fatal and falls well within the superb dynamic hamon.

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The 26 1/2 inch blade has some areas of blackening / patina but is still highly impressive; a professional polish (happy to help put the buyer in touch with a professional polisher in the UK) would enhance the appearance and value of the blade for sure. The gunome midare hamon clearly with nioi (giving a distinct white lining to the temper line), a trademark of the Minho style Seki smiths who produced traditionally made Gendaito blades. A well above average piece. Further / full sized images upon request. Item reference number is 995 (425).

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