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1860 Model Ames US Civil War Cavalry Sabre / Sword (sold)

An issued 1860 model, Ames made, US Civil War cavalry sabre with scabbard.

1860 Model Ames US Civil War Cavalry Sabre / Sword image 987 1

Sold Item Notice

This is 100% authentic, guaranteed. Be careful, the vast majority of 1860M US cavalry sabres are post Civil War reproductions. This is 100% original and authentic, dated 1865. The drag of the scabbard is stamped with the rack number "50", the upper scabbard fitting stamped with the number "2", indicating for the US (Union) 2nd Cavalry Regiment (formally the US 2nd Dragoons). The blade has been period sharpened (you can tell from the patina between the grinding lines). This sword was held by a real Union / US cavalryman at the end of the US Civil War. The blade is correctly marked to the Ames Manufacturing Company in Chicopee one side to the forte, "US" plus inspector's marking "G K C" (George K. Charter) plus "1865" to the other.

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The impressive 34 3/4 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt has suffered with some buckling as is common / to be expected with issued weapons, but is sound and the slight damage does not detract from the weapon, far from it. The leather grip is in good condition, though the brass grip wire is gone (very easily replaced). Further / large images available upon request. The item reference number is 987.

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