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1897 Pattern Edward 7th British Infantry Officer's Sword (sold)

In near mint condition, an 1897P Edward VII British infantry officer's sword, scabbard and sword knot.

1897 Pattern Edward 7th British Infantry Officer's Swordimage 986 1

Sold Item Notice

It is rare to find an antique sword like this in such very good condition. Apart from the aging to the scabbard, this sword could be cleaned to be mint, that is how good it is. The superb grey etched 33 inch blade has no flaws on it and is firm in the hilt. The hilt gleams, a little more polishing and you would not be able to tell it from new. The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are superb. The original sword knot is in very good condition. The leather field scabbard is the only thing showing any real age. I doubt it is possible to find an Edward 7th sword like this in such good condition.

image 986 2

image 986 3

This sword will blow any collector away and as such is worth every penny. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. The item reference number is 986.

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