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Circa 1765 English Dragoon or Household Cavalry Backsword, sold

A highly impressive 39 1/8 inch bladed English heavy cavalry basket hilted backsword in very good condition, possibly the Royal Regiment of Horse (Royal Horse Guards).

Circa 1765 English Dragoon or Household Cavalry Backswordimage 976 1

Sold Item Notice

This pattern of basket hilt was carried by English dragoons (who were designated as heavy cavalry) from around 1750 to 1780, but their blades were around 35 to 37 inches long; this example has a monstrous 39 1/8 inch blade and for this reason I suspect it is a Royal Regiment of Horse / Royal Horse Guards trooper's sword. Little is known about what sword the Household cavalry held prior to 1882, but it does seem they carried various swords according to their commander's preferences. Possibly earlier, possibly 1760, but think this sword probably was issued to a Royal Horse Guards trooper upon his return from the 7 years War.

image 976 0b

Whoever held this sword and there is no real doubt he was a trooper, was a very large man and on a very large horse. This backsword is in very, very good condition given its age and rarity. There is some sign of former rust pitting or even damage to blade, but very little. The blade is still very much firm in the hilt which appears perfect shape wise. OK, the grip covering, perhaps leather, has long gone, but the wooden base is sound, though with numerous worm holes, and even some of the twisted grip wire remains. I doubt you will find another one with a blade like this. So, perhaps the bargain of the site at £? (too late, now sold). Further / full sized photos available upon request. Sword reference number 976 (408).

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