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Late 18th Century Silver Hilted Balkans / Bulgarian Officer's Sabre for sale

An exceptionally rare and fine silver hilted 18C Balkans officer's sabre in very good condition. Now with 20% discount.

Late 18th Century Silver Hilted Balkans / Bulgarian Officer's Sabreimage 974 1

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This is a lovely and very, very rare sword / sabre, dating to around 1774 and the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. The blade, probably Prussian, bears the Cyrillic inscription (that looks like A's without crossbars and reversed N's) "Lelel", which is Slavic for "Cherish". The fine silverwork to the hilt is typical of the Balkans and their renowned Jewish silversmiths whose (Sephardi Jewish) ancestors fled Spain nearly 300 years earlier to avoid persecution / were expelled from Spain in 1492.

image 974 LELEL Cherish

The impressive 30 inch blade with typical 18C single back-fuller is etched with typical; Talismanic symbols and "Lelel". The blade is in good order and firm in the hilt. The fine silverwork hilt (over stone or shell) is also in very good shape for the age. A wonderful sword that will only appreciate in value, yours for (was) £2250, now £1800. Full sized / further images available upon request. My item reference number 974 - Box 426-1.

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