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Full Waterloo Provenance, captured French Artillery Officer's Sword (sold)

A Napoleonic French junior artillery officer's sword captured at Waterloo by Lieutenant William Hay of the British 12th Light Dragoons (Lancers).

Full Waterloo Provenance, captured French Artillery Officer's Sword

Sold Item Notice

This is the second of two Waterloo provenance swords that originally hung in the Grenadier Public House in London for many years (see: Waterloo provenance 1st Foot Guards sword). The Grenadier pub once being the officers mess of the 1st Royal Regiment of Foot Guards at the time of Waterloo (became a "pub" 3 years later in 1818). Mounted on a wooden display board (circa 1944 - when the pub name changed from the "Guardsman" to the "Grenadier"), combined with the accuracy of the plaque, it is hard to imagine this being anything other that it says it is.

image 969 Lieutenant William Hay 12th Light Dragoons Waterloo

Captured by Lieutenant William Hay of the 12th Light Dragoons (Lancers), I believe William was the brother of Ensign Lord Hay of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards (Ensign Lord Hay was Aide-de-Camp to Major-General P Maitland; Ensign Lord Hay lost his life at Quatre Bras just before Waterloo). I also believe William was related to Captain Lord James Hay of the 1st Foot Guards, Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles Colville. Hence the reason a sword captured by a lancer officer came to be in the officer's mess of the 1st Foot Guards. I doubt this was the finest battle trophy Lieutenant William Hay acquired after the defeat of Napoleon, but one he felt able to give to the former officers mess of the 1st Foot, where no doubt he also drank along with the likes of King George 4th. In any event, the provenance is exceptional.

image 969 1

The 26 inch plain blade is in very good condition with some small rust spots and firm in the hilt. The hilt in good condition, as is the grip, a little wear. The wooden board it is mounted on is 98cm by 20cm. A very good price and investment for a high provenance Waterloo battle trophy. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 969










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