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WW2 British SOE Penknife with Tyre Slasher Blade (sold).

In good condition, a World War 2 British special operations executive penknife with tyre / tire slashing knife.

WW2 British Special Operations Executive Penknife with Tyre Slasher Blade

Sold Item Notice

I bought this item along with some other WW2 British SEO items including F-S knives from a former British SEO officer. The penknife is 4 3/4 inches long blades retracted, 8 1/4 inches long main blade extended. The main blade is a lock knife and the locking mechanism works well. There is a special curved tyre slashing knife which is also in good order. The whole knife is good, with the grips section panels tight / sound. It weighs 0.113 Kg. The price, well under what they normally sell for. Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 955

image 955 1

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