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WW2 Wilkinson Sword F-S Fighting Knife 1st Pattern (sold).

A rare 1st Pattern / S Guard Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife with British World War 2 Special Operations Executive provenance.

image 952 British SOE soldiers wilkinson sword f s fighting knife

Sold Item Notice

I bought this and one other 1st Pattern F-S Fighting knife from the British SOE soldier they were originally issued to. Marked on this knife's leather sheath is his first name. I would be happy to provide a copy of an email and letter from him as provenance to the buyer. This was the first F-S knife he was issued. You can see it is an early issue and was carried in action by the fact there are no "wings" on the sheath and by the wear. The knife has been period sharpened time and time again while the soldier was behind enemy lines, to the point that a) the blade is slightly narrower and thinner than it was when new, and b) the Wilkinson Sword and F-S Fighting Knife logos are barely viable on the ricasso. But really, this is a knife that was held by a British SOE soldier for months behind enemy lines, not some minty, never been anywhere example. The other 1st Pattern I bought from him is minty and can be found here; this other knife is the replacement he was issued upon his return to Britain during the war where upon his original F-S was deemed no longer fit for service due to the wear. Please note, the gentleman who once carried this knife reports that it was never used on anyone. In my correspondence with him, he mentions his training with none other than Eric Anthony Sykes who, with William Ewart Fairbairn invented / developed the Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife. The 6 5/8 inch blade is still very sharp. This is an amazing piece of history not normally seen with such active provenance. Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 952

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