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WW2 Wilkinson Sword F-S Fighting Knife 1st Pattern VGC (sold).

In very good condition, a Wilkinson Sword 1st Pattern F-S Fighting Knife issued to a known Special Operations Executive operative during WW2. This kinife is now reserved to a repeat customer.

image 951 WW2 British SOE 1st Pattern F S Fighting Knife Wilkinson Sword

Sold Item Notice

This is the second of two 1st Pattern Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knives issued to a British soldier, a SOE operative behind enemy lines during WW2. This one is in very good condition, it was issued to him after one tour of duty and where his first F-S knife was considered too worn for continued use; his original F-S can be found here. The British soldier who once carried these knives was partly trained by Eric Anthony Sykes who, with William Ewart Fairbairn invented / developed the Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife. I will include a copy of some of my correspondence with the gentleman, who was still very much active and even Internet savvy after all these years; so the buyer will get some provenance with the knife. Although this F-S knife was not worn as often as the first F-S knife I bought from the same gentleman, it none-the-less clearly was still worn, as the sheath wear testifies. The 6 13/16 inch blade has been sharpened, of course, and is actually still very sharp. The knife is in very good condition, a small punch / acceptance mark to the hilt, the sheath a little period worn. It is great to get provenance with a knife, and also great to get a knife that has been field carried in such good condition. Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 951

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