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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto with knot (sold)

In very good condition, an Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto complete with tassel / knot, blade signed Ido Hidetoshi.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto with knot

Sales enquiries

The saya (scabbard) is a replacement (the original leather had perished, so I had it replaced), the rest is 100% period and authentic. Getting a shin gunto with a tassel / knot is very good because this means the sword was taken off an individual Japanese officer, not at some surrender ceremony, not from a warehouse of surrendered weapons. This is because Japanese officers removed the sword knots before surrendering if they could. I have not aged the leather saya (the wooden base is original / authentic); I have left that decision to the next owner.

The hamon appears to have nioi, a cloudy white line border indicating the blade in gendaito, though the tang has a Showa stamp, so this diminishes the chances. However, there were several levels between traditional made Gendaito and machine made stainless steel blades, so this clearly is a rung above the rest at worst. The 25 3/4 inch blade is in good order, but slightly aged with some small patina patches, and a tiny nick to the cutting edge (not fatal). The rayskin under the hilt bindings is dry and has shrunk a little, not too much. The menuki peg is deterioration but they are very easy to replace with the tip of an artist's paint brush; I have not replaced it only because many people want as much of the original as possible. The blade mei reads "Noshu Ju Ido Hidetoshi Saku Kore".

A very good sword bearing in mind the signature and knot / tassel provenance, well worth the price. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 949.






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