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19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar, Koftgari hilt, Wootz blade, sold

Clearly made from Wootz steel, this watered blade koftgari hilted tulwar is in very reasonable condition.

19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar, Kofgari hilt, Wootz / watered bladeimage 945 1

Sold Item Notice

As you can see from the dappled patina to the blade, it has been made with wootz steel and even appears to be a so-called "watered" blade. With quite a bit of the kofgari inlay remaining, this is quite a respectable tulwar and must have once been something quite special. Unlike many tulwars, this is very well built and is satisfyingly sturdy / heavy; quite an efficient and awesome weapon.


The 29 inch multi-fullered blade is double edged for the last quarter and firm in the hilt. The entire sword is aged and worn of course, but sound. Available for £xxx (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for a small fee). Further / full sized images upon request. My item number 945 (542).



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