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1827P Mid Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword (sold)

A really nicely made British naval officer's sword, 1846 to 1880, in good order and a perfect candidate for refurbishment.

1827P Mid Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Swordimage 944 1

Sold Item Notice

Keep it as it is or spend the money with someone like Crisp & Sons to have the sword totally refurbished, this is a lovely sword with superb etching in either case. Amazingly, through the grimy hilt (I partly cleaned it) you can still see gilt, yes, gilt, not simply the brass base as with most naval swords of this age. Then take a look at the blade; the etching is superb, possibly the best I have seen on this era of sword, and with very little wrong with the 28 3/4 inch blade.

image 944 2

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The fishskin grip is grubby, and a tiny spot is missing; but the grip overall is very sound and would easily withstand a full professional cleaning. The blade firm in the hilt, the folding guard works fine (there is no locking pin mechanism so this sword is pre-1880). The scabbard is complete. The mounts are loose. The leather is very aged but generally sound. The scabbard could be completely cleaned and fitted with new leather if the idea of the sword refurbishment is taken; I would love to see this sword after being refurbished.

image 944 5

There is no maker's name to the ricasso / forte, but whoever made the blade certainly knew what they were doing. A very good and above average example with stunning potential for refurbishment. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number 944.

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