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17th Century English Mortuary Hilted Broadsword, Andrea Ferara, (sold)

A good 17th Century English mortuary hilted broadsword with Andrea Ferara blade.

17th Century English Mortuary Hilted Broadsword, Andrea Feraraimage 907 1

Sold Item Notice

A rare 17th English mortuary hilted broadsword with blade marked to Andrea Ferara; because of the age of this sword, the markings are likely to be authentic (many late 17th and early to mid 18th Century blades, especially in Scotland, were marked with variations of Andrea Ferara's name to signify a quality blade, not that the blade was in fact made by Mr. Ferara). One of the reasons I believe this to be an authentic Andrea Ferara blade is that the name is marked over two sides of the blade; "Andrea" on one side, "Ferara" on the other.

image 907 2 Andrea

image 907 3 Ferara

The 34 inch blade most likely indicates this sword was carried by an infantry officer. It is worn but still very sound and quite firm in the hilt. The hilt again is aged but overall very sound. The leather bound grip I am unsure if it is original or not; it does have several wood worm holes so it is certainly old.

A very rare sword with a potentially very valuable blade. My reference number is 907. Full sized / further images available upon request.

image 907 4

image 907 5




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