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1832M Spanish Heavy Cavalry Sword / Sabre, dated 1839 for sale

A model 1832 Spanish heavy line cavalry sword, dated 1839, in good condition. Now with 20% discount.

1832 Model Spanish Heavy Cavalry Sword / Sabre

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An impressive Spanish Cuirassier sword, not often seen on the market, this one dated much earlier than most (1839), in good overall condition. Marked "Y-B.AR .Z" to the scabbard.

The 93.7 cm blade in overall good condition, some old cleaned up rust pitting towards the point but the blade still very sound, having been period sharpened, and is firm in the hilt. The leather grip and twisted ring grip bindings are in worn and loose shape. The heavy steel scabbard in mostly good condition, some small rust holes near the chape. I see these swords elsewhere for a lot more money. My price is a very low (was) £650, now £520. Further / large images available upon request. My item reference number 882 - Box 390-1.18m.






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