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Ribbed & roped / roped & ringed Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife (sold).

A late WW2 era very rare ribbed & roped / roped & ringed Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife.

image 874 ribbed and roped and ringed F S fighting knife

Sold Item Notice

An exceptionally rare roped and ringed (sometimes described as "ribbed and roped") Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, the legendary British commando knife. This one, almost certainly WW2, was a private purchase, so an officer's knife, which has been period sharpened for action. These are exceptionally rare variants of the F-S knife, this one with 10 rope bands (some have only 9) with the correct correspondingly extended pommel nut for this; I guarantee this item is 100% authentic.

The 6 3/8 inch blackened blade is in very good order and still sharp, plus firm in the grip. The grip with good amounts of the original blackening still present. Complete with original sheath. A rare chance to buy a very rare commando knife. Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 874.

image 874 British commando fairbairn sykes fighting knife

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