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Wooden hilt Wilkinson Sword "Tom Beasley" F-S Knife (sold)

A very rare F-S knife, a truncated Tom Beasley motto (the rarest kind) World War 1939-1945 commemorative version adapted for commando use.

image 873 wilkinson sword commando fighting knife world war 1939 1945

Sold Item Notice

Only 500 special edition "Tom Beasley" blades were made by Wilkinson, this is one of the rarer version with the so called "truncated" Tom Beasley motto (slightly fewer words than the main production item); "Hand forged by Tom Beasley, the famous sword smith". On the other side is the Wilkinson logo and "Commando Fighting Knife World War 1939 - 1945". These knives were normally made with ivorine (imitation ivory) grips. This is one of the few to have a grip suitable for actual commando use, a wooden hilt. Wooden hilts were popular with air crews and commandos in the tropics, so there is a good chance, given the well worn condition of a genuine commando's leather sheath, this F-S knife saw action in Malaysia fighting the communist guerillas or in the Korean War. In any event, these knives normally sell for in excess of £1000, so my price is exceptional and serious F-S collectors should bite my hand off. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. My item reference number is 873.

image 873 hand forged by tom beasley the famous sword smith

image 873 wilkinson sword f s fighting knife wooden hilt


















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