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Wilkinson ERII British Infantry / RAMC Officer's Sword (sold)

In very good condition, an ERII Wilkinson 1897P infantry / RAMC officer's sword.

Wilkinson ERII British Infantry / RAMC Officer's Swordimage 848 1

Sold Item Notice

In very good condition, suitable for a serving officer, a British 1897P infantry officer's sword with the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) badge etched on side. The blade with the serial number 87238 for 1964. This sword would come fully bright clean in my honest opinion. The blade is already nearly new, the hilt has some minor staining (and is dull on the inside of the hilt) which should shine / buff up fully with some cleaning (I recommend Simichrome metal polish if you can get it). The scabbard is in very good condition, though the frog loop and sword knot would need replacing if this was to go to a serving officer; such items are inexpensive.



The 32 inch blade is in near new condition, well etched and form in the hilt. The nickel plated steel hilt has some minor spot staining (barely noticeable) which should come out if required, though I consider the sword itself in parade ground condition as is. The black faux fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are in excellent shape. The leather field scabbard has some marks, but nothing serious and is in overall very good order except for the frog loop which has age and wear. The sword sheathes and draws very well. The sword knot is fairly good but one strap is broken.

image 848 Wilkinson Sword

Well above average condition. My price is £550 which is exceptionally good value as Wilkinson Sword are no more yet their swords are dearly cherished by both collectors and serving officers. Full sized and additional photos upon request. My item reference number is 848 (356).

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