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George 5th British Infantry Officer's Sword by Thurkle / Gaunt (sold)

A good 1897 pattern World War 1 era sword made by J R Gaunt & Sons Ltd (Late Edward Thurkle) London & Birmingham.

1897P George V British Infantry Officer's Sword by Thurkle / Gauntimage 828 1

Sold Item Notice

J R Gaunt / Edward Thurkle are one of if not the finest sword makers of the era; they are not such a common make as other premium makers such as Wilkinson's, so Gaunt swords normally command a deserved premium. This particular sword is in well above average condition and is unusual in that the grip is leather, not fishskin; almost certainly at the request of the officer who once owned it.

image 828 2

J R Gaunt Limited Late Edward Thurkle London & Birmingham

Lovely 33 inch blade with superb etching, some spotting and patina here. The nickel plated hilt has some tiny spots and wear marks. The black leather grip in good order with the twisted wire grip bindings all present and correct. The original leather knot (acorn missing) is in fair condition, the leather field service scabbard in good order; sword sheathes well. Good value at £300. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 828 (373)

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