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WW2 Wilkinson Sword F-S Fighting Knife 1st Pattern S Guard (sold).

A rare S guard version of the Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife 1st pattern, made by Wilkinson Sword, commando details on original sheath.

image 825 Wilkinson Sword F S Fighting Knife 1st Pattern S Guard

Sold Item Notice

An exceptionally rare S guard 1st pattern F-S British commando fighting knife made even more collectible and desirable by the fact there are some original commando markings to the back of the sheath (it looks like "Goldstream - Soards" then "3306 Blighty" - of course, the most likely inscription is "Coldstream Guards" but I did not want to state it as fact in case I am wrong). Clearly the knife has seen active service. The 5 7/8 inch hand ground bears the Wilkinson Sword logo one side and "The F-S Fighting Knife." tablet the other. A small broad arrow can still be seen to the grip where it meets the guard. Perhaps someone with better eyes can work out the commando's inscription better than I, maybe even identify the British soldier who once was issued this knife. A great and evocative investment. Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 825 (T10).

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