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ERII Wilkinson Royal Marines Sword (sold)

Suspected former property of Royal Marine officer killed during the Falklands War, a stunning Wilkinson ERII Royal Marine officer's sword in near new condition.

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Sold Item Notice

These swords are so rare to come by I tried to find out some history of the sword which I bought at auction in England. A friend of mine and fellow collector said he heard the auctioneer discussing the sword as being that of a Royal Marine killed during the Falklands War but which the man's family, who were selling the sword, did not want identified / the details known. You hear all sorts of provenance stories regarding swords but this one has some extra credence to it; the serial number on the spine has had the last two digits deliberately and recently removed, so the original officer can not be traced on the Wilkinson sales ledger. This is so unusual a thing for someone to do, that it supports the KIA marine officer story. The serial number is 1027-- (last two digits removed), so it was made in 1974. The Falklands War was in 1982, so the dates support this too. In any event, whether the notion of one of Britain's post war heroes makes this sword any more or less attractive to you, it is a very fine sword.

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Again, the sword is in near new condition and would certainly be more than suitable for a serving Royal Marine officer; I suspect it would outshine most other non-Wilkinson swords. The 32 inch blade is in near mint condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt also is very, very good; the grip superb except for one small rubbed section. The leather field scabbard is excellent and comes with the frog and belts seen in the photos. The sword sheathes very well. It is almost as good as the day Wilkinson's supplied it in 1974.

Well worth the price tag whether you are a collector or buying for a serving officer. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 821 (357).

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