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19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar with Superb Damascus Blade, sold

An exceptional Damascus blade complete with maker / armourer marks, mounted into an Indo-Persian tulwar.

19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar Sword with Superb Damascus Bladeimage 808 2

Sold Item Notice

I am sure the blade is much older than the hilt, probably early 18th Century. This is the finest Damascus blade I have ever come across in terms of clarity of beautiful forging lines. The blade is quite heavy but exceptionally strong and clearly has seen battle token of the nicks to the forward cutting edge. The blade bears two maker / armorer marks. I guarantee this is an old authentic Damascus blade.

image 808 3

image 808 5

The 70cm blade is firm in the hilt. The very smallest end of the tip has a bend (could be easily hammered out). The hilt bears traces of gold decoration. The price reflects the fact you will not find many better examples of this highly desirable blade. Further / full sized images upon request. My item number 808 (340).

image 808 4

image 808 6

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