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1800's Danish-Norwegian Pallasch Napoleonic cavalry sabre, sold

In good condition, Napoleonic era 1800's Danish-Norwegian pallasch cavalry sabre; dansk-norsk kurvefæstede pallasker.

1800's Danish-Norwegian Pallasch Napoleonic cavalry sabreimage 780 2

Sold Item Notice

A scarce cavalry pallasch, Danish-Norwegian, Napoleonic. This type / style of cavalry sabre was used both as a thrusting and wielding weapon, and the form remained unchanged in many cases from the early 17th Century right up to and beyond the Napoleonic Wars era. Markins on the blade's forte (incomplete maker's or regimental markings one side, "82" the other) indicate this particular pallasch was made around 1800.

image 780 3

The 86cm double edged blade has been zealously cleaned over the years but is in very good order and firm in the grip. The wire bound grip is in good order also, some gaps showing between the twisted wire but nothing much. The hilt in in very good shape. Well worth the money; I think I have hugely undervalued this sword. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: 780 - Box 305-1.18m Provenance / special thanks to Morphets of Yorkshire and Vaabenhistorisk Selskab (The Danish Arms & Armour Society).










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