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1821P Wilkinson British Light Cavalry Officer's Sword (1855) , Sold

With the original owner's initials etched to the blade, a good Wilkinson 1821 pattern Victorian British light cavalry officer's sword made in 1855.

1821P Wilkinson British Light Cavalry Officer's Swordimage 726 2

Sold Item Notice

In overall very good order, this Victorian British light cavalry officer's sabre was made the year after the Charge of the Light Brigade; serial number 6156 for 1855. Being a Wilkinson Sword, the original owner's details may be available from the Wilkinson sales ledger (costs £19 - no info, no pay). His initials "A L F" are already known to us courtesy of the fact he had these and his family crest etched onto the blade.

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The 34 1/2 inch blade is well etched with Victorian cypher and acanthus leaf scrolls, plus the owner's initials and family crest. The blade is generally very good though the last 2 inches near the point has more patina and some pitting. Blade firm in the hilt; the hilt a little rust pitted. The fishskin grip in good order though the cosmetic black finish is coming away in places. An above average example and has a lovely feel to it. Complete with original steel scabbard; sheaths well if a little loose. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 726 (308)

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