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1892 P British Victorian Infantry Officer's Sword by Wilkinson (sold)

A rare true 1892 pattern British infantry officer's sword in good condition; this is not a RAMC or RTC sword.

1892P British Victorian Infantry Officer's Sword by Wilkinsonimage 722 2

Sold Item Notice

This is such a rare sword, the British infantry officer's 1892 pattern. Oh sure, there are plenty of medical (RAMC) and some transport (RTC) swords available, but not infantry swords. The reason being the pattern was adopted for the infantry in 1892 and then changed in 1895. However, because very few swords were bought between and 1892 and 1895, and because on the hilt changed in 1895, infantry officers simply had their 1892 blades rehilted. So very, very few infantry 1892P's exist. The RAMC and RTC continued with the pattern for many years, which is why you will find 1892P's in fairly good supply. But not infantry officer swords like this one and with the Victorian "VR" insignia to the cartouche of the guard.

image 722 3

The 1892P has is in fact the same hilt as the previous 1855 model, the so-called gilt "gothic" hilt, but the blade had been improved from the 1845 fullered blade to the so-called "dumbbell" blade you see here (they thought it looked like a dumb bell if you looked down the blade with its large central fuller on each side). This Wilkinson made sword has the serial number 32834 for 1894. A hand written note with the sword says they called Wilkinson's and determined the original owner was a "F W Flight" who received this sword on the 15th October 1894. F W Flight was an outfitter and Wilkinson's often also recorded the name of the actual customer when selling to FW Flight, so it may be worth paying the £19 to get a full Wilkinson sales ledger search.

image 722 4

The 32 inch blade is in good order, just stained a little with patina, the lovely raised etching still very clear. The blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt was black when I got it; I have cleaned it up somewhat but it might stand a little more cleaning without making it look at odds with the general condition of the sword elsewhere. The fishskin grip is quite worn which implies the sword saw fairly active service with its owner. The leather scabbard is generally good except the shoe / drag area which is falling apart a little (can be glued). The original leather knot in fairly good order and complete. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 722






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