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WW2 / George 6th Scottish Basket Hilted Claymore Broadsword (sold)

A good WW2 era / George 6th Scottish infantry officer's basket-hilted claymore bladed broadsword.

WW2 / George 6th Scottish Basket Hilted Claymore Broadswordimage 715 2

Sold Item Notice

Authentic Scottish swords like this are becoming increasingly difficult to source, which makes them one of the better antique / collectible investments.

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This George 6th basket hilt has a 32.5 inch blade, well etched with royal cypher, thistles, etc. and firm in the hilt. The nickel plated hilt with some rust spots but overall sound and in good order. The fishskin grip and twisted wire grip bindings are good, the lower ferule a little loose but nothing at all serious as it is only for decoration. The calfskin liner intact though aged, the crimson outer in good shape, the blue edgings have nearly gone black. Complete with leather field service scabbard in good overall condition. Further / full sized images upon request. My reference number is 715.

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