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1821 P Victorian Rare 6th Carabiniers Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre (sold)

This is a rare 1821 P Victorian 6th Carabiniers light cavalry officer's sabre with scabbard and original sword knot, Boer War period.

1821 P Victorian 6th Carabiniers Cavalry Officer's Sabreimage 590 5

Sold Item Notice

If I lived near an electro-plating company, this is one of the few swords I would be tempted to refurbish because the blade is exceptionally good. Just replating the hilt and scabbard (plus cleaning the original sword know) would double the value of this sword.

image 590 3

This is a rare British cavalry sabre a) because it is marked to the 6th Dragoon Guards (The Carabiniers) and b) because it is a light cavalry sabre (Dragoon Guards / Carabiniers are heavy cavalry in all but name), so the original owner made a conscious decision to buy a light cavalry sabre, not heavy cavalry.

image 590 4

The 32 1/2 inch blade has battle honours to Sevastopol, ia in exceptional condition and firm in the hilt. The blade is marked to the maker Meyer and Richardson of Dublin, so the officer was almost certainly a Protestant Irishman as these had a long history with the 6th. The hilt metal work has aged but is sound and free from pitting. The fishskin grip is worn overall but in good order. The twisted grip wire bindings also good except one side strand of one turn on one side is a little wayward (easy to cosmetically remedy). The original sword know with its silver "turk's head" stay is lovely, a real bonus; sure, it is dirty and aged a little, but it would clean up if required with some modern fabric cleaner. The scabbard has lost much of its plating and has minor pitting; it sheathes loosely but well.

image 590 7

This sword is almost certainly late Victorian which means it probably saw action in the Boer war. In any event, it is a lovely sword. Sword reference number 590 (222). Further / full sized images available upon request.




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