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Circa 1780 British Infantry Officer's Sword For Sale

A rare Circa 1780 (American War of Independence / Revolutionary War era) British infantry officer's sword*. Now with 20% discount.

1780 British Infantry Officer's Sword

Sales enquiries

Very few swords of the American Revolutionary War era exist on the market now. The blade is late 18th Century by token of its central fuller with a ricasso / forte, and in fact the feint remnants of very early Georgian blade etching can still be seen. As no official regulation patterns existed at that time, officers could choose whatever sword design they liked. The earlier type hilt errs on the civilian style but is more functional. So perhaps originally owned by an English officer who considered himself very stylish; English swords were notoriously badly designed during the American War of Independence period.

The 28 1/4 inch blade is I believe the original length and is firm in the hilt. The hilt is a little battered and bruised but nonetheless complete. I would accept (was) £500, now £400 for it. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number 574 - Box 216-1m

NB* This style of sword was also carried by some heavy cavalry officers as a dress sword. The blade type perhaps infers a Scottish connection.



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