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1827 Pattern Pipe Back British Naval Officer's Sword, sold

A scarce early to mid 19th Century British Naval Officer's sword with pipe-back blade.

1827 Pattern Pipe Back British Naval Officer's Swordimage 569 2

Sold Item Notice

This is a very scarce late Georgian or early Victorian British Royal Naval officer's sword, from around the time the Royal Navy still ruled the seas in wooden multi-decked warships.

image 569 3

The 30 3/4 inch blade is complete, intact and in generally good order, although any period etching (which would have most likely been scant) is gone. The blade with its distinctive quill point is still firm in the hilt. The hilt is a little aged and the folding guard, which in those days did not have a locking pin hole, is loose, the retaining pin now bent though sturdy enough. The lovely large nodule fish skin grip is intact if a little grubby after all these years, the twisted wire ring bindings present and in good shape.

A sword every collector must have and a good investment. Further / large images available upon request. My item reference number 569 (218).



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