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1821 Patt Early Victorian British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre (sold)

A very good early Victorian 1821P British light cavalry officer's sabre with original sword knot.

1821 Patt Early Victorian British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabreimage 560 5

Sold Item Notice

This is a scarce and well above average pipe-backed, clipped point, early Victorian light cavalry sabre for a British Officer bearing as it does the early table form of etching to the blade, containing the VR royal cypher.

image 560 4

Although aged, the important parts of the blade, hilt and grip are all in very good order indeed; most examples see the etching "buffed" to a feint memory but here it is still very clear. The 35 inch blade has some old black rust spots / patina, but not much, and it is firm in the hilt. The hilt is in good order and the fishskin is remarkably good given its age; the ring bindings / twisted grip wire in equally good order. The scabbard has seen more rust but still, not too much. The sword sheathes well but there is no firmness so the original wood liners are gone, as you would expect. Both the blade and the scabbard are marked to quality cutler R & S Firmin of 153 Strand which dates this sword very accurately to 1838. Even better, it comes complete with what is surely the original sword knot (a little frayed in one area but, hey, getting a complete original is rare).

image 560 6

I do not say this tongue in cheek; getting quality swords like this and of this era is getting harder and harder. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 560 (201)

image 560 7.

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