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1798 Pattern Scottish Highland Infantry Officer’s Broadsword (Sold)

Exceptionally rare Napoleonic wars era Scottish highland infantry officer's broadsword made by Woolley.

1798 Pattern Scottish Highland Infantry Officer’s Broadswordimage 551 Woolley 1798 p Scottish Highland Infantry Officers Broadsword 6

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Woolley & Co

This is an exceptionally rare and fine Waterloo era Scottish highland officer's sword; many if not most such officers having fought Napoleon's Imperial French army, this item has a very good chance of having been there!

Rare to find one with the prized Woolley & Co name and "Warranted" to the 84.5 cm blade's fuller either side. This famous critically English maker's name increases the prospect this sword was carried by serving front line officer. The brass hilt, so prone to damage given the relative softness of that metal, is in very good order save for one small easily repairable break to one of the bars.


Item reference 551 (NZ1). Additional / full sized images available upon request.




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