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1827 P George 5th Rifle Regiment Officer's Sword by Wilkinson (sold)

Very good condition George 5th British (Indian service) rifle regiment officer's sword.

George 5th Rifle Regiment Officer's Sword by Wilkinson1827 Pattern Rifle Regiment Officer's Sword by Wilkinson

Sales enquiries

A very good British rifle regiment officer's sword, "GRI" for George (5th) India service. Made by Wilkinson in 1929; serial number 61957. I have genuinely not attempted to research this sword's original owner; the Wilkinson sales ledger still exists if any buyer wants to spend £17 in getting the original sales ledger entry information (they do not charge if the information is missing or very deficient).

Not far from service condition; a few rust patches to the blade, a mark to the fishskin (which would probably remove), the hilt a few freckles (the slight brown colour you see is actual preservation oil I have applied to it - this wipes off), the sword knot very tired. But nicely etched 32 1/2 inch blade firm in the hilt and a new replacement black leather scabbard makes this a superb display piece. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 535.

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