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1895 P British Infantry (named) Officer's Sword by Wilkinson (sold)

In exceptionally good condition for its age, an 1895P British Infantry Officer's sword originally owned by Lieutenant Claude W Robertson, a Royal Marine Light Infantryman with the Hampshire Regiment.

1895 P British Infantry Officer's Sword by Wilkinson1895 pattern Wilkinson British Infantry Sword

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This is the much rarer 1895 pattern, not the 1897 P you normally find; the difference being there is no turned lip on the inside of the hilt of an 1895P. This particular British infantry officer's sword was made by Wilkinson and is in exceptional condition for its age, especially as the blade dates to 1889.


The blade was originally in an 1854 pattern gothic hilted British Royal Marine's Light Infantry sword bought for / by Claude W Robertson on the 23rd September 1889. Obviously, when the new pattern came out in 1895, many officers either through attachment to their old blades or because of cost, or both, simply had their blades fitted into a new hilt. Actually, the 1895P is meant to have a straight "dumbbell" blade; this one is slightly curved courtesy of its age.

image 491 Wilkinson 1895P infantry officers sword 8

The sword is lovely and could be brought back to parade ground condition with some time and effort and a certain metal polish. The 32 1/2 inch blade is in near new condition and superbly etched as you would expect from Wilkinson. The hilt is exceptionally bright, the fishskin grip in superb order (ring bindings / grip wire also very good). The plated scabbard has a little age staining but would come up very well with some time and effort. The sword know it missing its acorn; I personally would buy a new one but keep the old as the original authentic.

Further research on 2nd Lt. Claude W Robertson was commissioned on 1st September 1889 and made Lieutenant on the 1st of July 1990. He served with the Hampshire Regiment as a Royal Marine. The Wilkinson ledger confirms the original blade / sword was bought on the 23rd September 1889. Further research possible / recommended. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number is 491.

image 491 Wilkinson 1895P infantry officers sword 4


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