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Rare 1845P British Army Bandmaster's Presentation Sword (Sold)

A rarely seen Victorian British 1845 pattern army bandmaster's presentation sword in very good condition.

1845P British Army Bandmaster's Presentation Sword

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An unusual and rare variation of the British 1845P infantry officer's sword, this one clearly for a named bandmaster with the blade bearing artillery motifs in addition to the traditional infantry "VR" plus foliate scrolls.

Clearly a presentation sword awarded to one Thomas Rayner circa 1850, and how proud he must have been to be able carry a fine officer's sword like this. So proud the guard is a little misshapen from the telltale pressure of Bandmaster Rayner's knuckle; he certainly has very large hands. Marked also "1st C L E", this does not correspond with any regiment, etc. markings I can find, so I suspect it is an abbreviation for 1st place in an exhibition.

The 32 inch blade is exceptionally good (the white smearing you can see is preservation wax I applied). The hilt retains some gilt, the fishskin grip is good, the ring bindings / twisted grip wire all correct except for one slightly loose strand. The scabbard is in good order but has lost its inner wooden liners so is loose on the blade. A rarity of a sword. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number 472.

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