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Circa 19C Ethiopian-Abyssinian Sword (sold)

An unusual, probably Abyssinian, possibly Ethiopian Sword believed 19C.

Circa 19C Ethiopian-Abyssinian Sword19C Ethiopian-Abyssinian Sword

Sold Item Notice

The hilt is Abyssinian but the blade is not for sure; Abyssinian blades were wildly curved / exagerated. This straight blade possibly came from the west coast of Africa; many things were traded and eventually found themselves the other side of the continent. An abyssinian may well have wanted a straight blade if he were actively engaged in sword battles, as the traditional style looked awesome but was not very practical when fighting; this sword by comparison would be. The ferrule which is on the blade side of the front of hilt is really just a cover and is a little loose, otherwise the sword with its 83 cm plain blade (which is firm in the hilt) is in good order. I would be prepared to accept £230 for it. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 82 (128).


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