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1912 Patt Cavalry Sword Wilkinson Variant With 1821 / 1896 Hilt (Sold)

Generally very good condition, British 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer's Sword variant (1821 hilt) by Wilkinson.

1912 Patt Cavalry Sword Wilkinson Variant With 1821 / 1896 Hilt1912 Patt Cavalry Sword With 1821 / 1896 Hilt

Sold Item Notice

This has to be the most beautiful and functional cavalry sword ever made for the British army. The 1821/1896 "honeysuckle' hilt was long heralded as the most aesthetic (it also gave good hand protection), the 1908/1912 blade reckoned to be the best ever; here they are together. It is believed only 3 of these swords were ever made by Wilkinson for special cavalry officer customers; this one was made in 1917/1918 according to the blade number (54689) which unfortunately is the time a gap appears in the original Wilkinson sales ledger so the original owner can not be named; although his initials "O R" are etched on the blade.

Apart from some surface damage (looks like sticky tape was put across it and then removed years later taking the surface with it) to the scabbard and a few marks here and there, this sword is in exceptionally good condition and a joy to hold. Many variants are where old family blades were incorporated into new hilts; this is not such a variant, it is a special one or rather three off for special officers. As such the sword is irreplaceable; if I sold it, I would never get another. Further pictures available upon request.

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