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1895 P Victorian Infantry Officer’s Field Sword (sold)

1895 Pattern Victorian Infantry Officer’s steel hilted field service sword with corresponding leather scabbard.

1895 P British Infantry Officer's Field Sword1895 P British Infantry Field Service Sword

Sold Item Notice

Very good condition steel hilted early (1895 Pattern) version of the British Infantry officer's sword for field use. Not to be confused with the very common 1897 Pattern, the very rare 1895 P seen here is easily determined by the fact it has no turn down inner hilt.

Marked to maker W (William) S Carver of 70 Jermyn Street London (1891 to 1899), the 32 inch blade is in very good condition except for one very small nick near the tip. Blade firm in hilt, grip firm, fishskin in good order, ring bindings good and complete except for top ring (main twisted wire present, side / decoration for the upper ring is missing). Complete with original leather field service scabbard, this sword was made for active service. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 138 (41)



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