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1895 Pattern Scottish Infantry Sergeant’s Broadsword (sold)

1895 Pattern Elizabeth 2nd Scottish Infantry Sergeant’s Broadsword by Wilkinson with hilt liner, ribbon and tassle complete.

1895 Pattern Elizabeth 2nd Scottish Infantry Sargeant’s BroadswordElizabeth 2nd Infantry Sargeant’s Broadsword

Sold Item Notice

Spectacular looking and very rare Scottish Infantry Sergeant's basket hilted broadsword by Wilkinson with serial number 102707 dating it to 1974. This parade ground condition sword is rare because it was issued to the British MOD (Ministry of Defence), complete with NATO serial number on spine, and very few of these get decommissioned in such good condition. The 81.5 cm blade has been replated at some stage during its service life but the etching is still very good and clear. The scabbard has a few dings but nothing to speak of. The grip inside the basket hilt is a little loose but not seriously so. The basket hilt lining is probably a replacement but that is a good thing as very few swords are able to compete with this one's impressive looks. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 137 (43)



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