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1827 P British Naval Senior Staff / Flag Officer’s Sword (Sold)

A rare senior British naval staff's / flag officer's sword (original owner's name known) with crest to hilt, by Henry Wilkinson

Wilkinson British Naval Flag Officer's SwordWilkinson senior staff  naval sword

Sales enquiries

Wilkinson made, levee weight, numbered 12526 for 1863 (Wilkinson sales ledger states it was finished on the 1st June 1863 and describes it as a "Regulation Naval Sword with Straight Flat Solid Latchen Point" and sold to a Thomas Royle. I have only done minimal research but found out Thomas Royle served on HMS Victoria, the largest first rate triple decked ship of the line / the largest wooden battleship ever built; it is really good to hold this sword and know it once was on such an incredible ship.

Royle family crest?

With the tell-tale oak leaves and acorns finishing to the scabbard fittings, you know this is a senior staff / flag officer's sword. This sword also has a crest marked to the folding guard; I presume it is his family's crest; further research also seems appropriate.

Henry Wilkinson logo

Well etched 31 inch blade is in very good order, some patina spots but not many, and firm in the hilt. The fishskin grip is in good order too; the hilt generally good and the folding guard locks down onto the scabbard well. The scabbard leather a little tired in places but firm; the fittings in good order though the centre band loose (runs up and down - quite a normal situation - can easily be glued if required). Original sword knot in fairly good order and included. Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

fouled anchor etching

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