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1821 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Officer’s Sword (sold)

A sharpened (for field use), very good condition, Victorian British heavy cavalry pattern officer's sword.

1821 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Officer’s Sword1821 Patt British Heavy Cavalry Officer’s Sword

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Exceptionally good example of the 1821 Pattern for British heavy cavalry officers, although with just over a 34 inch blade and slightly tighter hilt, this sword conforms more to the 1896 revision which was used by both light and heavy cavalry regiments. Either way, the sword was specifically built for use with a leather grip (preferred over fishskin by field officers) and the blade has actually been sharpened . I make the point that the blade has been sharpened as many have not, which means they (the unsharpened ones) never saw active field service, this sword almost certainly did and given its age almost certainly in the Boer War.

Marked to cutler / retailer W A Bartles of 57 Maddox Street London and also Aldershot, the blade is very well etched with VR (Victorian) Royal Cypher and original owner's initials "E.C.H." plus various foliate scrolls. The blade is firm in the hilt, the grip is complete and good condition with ring bindings present and tight. There is no discernable looseness anywhere. The black leather and steel fittings scabbard (note: I have removed the tarnish from the fittings since taking the photos) is also in very good condition. As this is such an exceptional example of a very attractive yet efficient fighting weapon. Further pictures available upon request.

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