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1821 Patt British Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (Sold)

Authentic 1821 Pattern British light cavalry trooper's sabre made by Deakin, complete with scabbard.

1821 Pattern British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre1821 Pattern British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword

Sold Item Notice

This example is in fair to good condition; the 1821P cavalry trooper's sword endured a long and harsh service life. This Deakin made sabre was carried by trooper number 42 of the Surrey Yeomanry Cavalry. The blade is in good condition but the hilt, grip and scabbard have suffered a little the test of time (and a bit of dampness). The leather grip is complete and firm but very tired. The hilt has rusted, so too the scabbard. But the sword is firm and a scarce example. Further pictures available upon request.

Surrey Yeomanry Cavalry

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