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Circa 1800 Scottish Lowland Foot Regiment Officer's Sword (Sold)

Very rare circa 1800 Lowland infantry officer's sword with earlier Spanish blade.

C1800 Scottish Lowland Infantry Officer's SwordC1800 Scottish Lowland Foot Regiment Officer's Sword

Sold Item Notice

Very rare variant of the 1796 Pattern British infantry officer's sword with an older Spanish made blade fitted indicating the original owner served with a Scottish lowland regiment of foot; English officer's using either Prussian or English made blades. As yet, I have been unable to identify the blade maker's signature, but it is certainly Spanish.

Spanish blade

The 63.5 cm blade is in keeping with the preferred "short sword" style of the infantry at the end of the 18th Century. It is firm in the hilt, the folding guard works well and the grip is in good order. Further pictures available upon request.

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