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Waterloo Provenance British 13th Light Dragoons Cavalry Sabre (sold)

In very good order, a Woolley and Deakin made 1796 pattern British light cavalry sabre for the famous 13th Light Dragoons; this sabre will have seen action in both Napoleonic Wars; the Peninsula War and 100 Days War (Waterloo).

Waterloo British 13th Light Dragoons Cavalry SwordWaterloo British 13th Light Dragoons Cavalry Sabre

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Owning an authentic legendary and infamous (despised by the French) British 1796 pattern light cavalry sabre is one thing, owning one that saw action at Waterloo is another thing entirely, and owning one that saw action not just at Waterloo but also earlier in the defeat of Napoleon's army in Portugal / Spain, held by a trooper of the famous British 13th Light Dragoons.

British 13th Light Dragoons

Clearly period marked 13th LD to both the langet and scabbard mouthpiece, with the blade's spine equally and correctly marked "Woolley & Deakin Improved Steel", this sword is 100% authentic. The 32 inch blade is in good order, firm in the hilt, with some tell-tale nicks to the cutting edge. The blade is impressively bright as it has been electroplated to preserve and improve its look (electroplating protects against rust but is fairly easily removed by electroplaters if required).

Woolley & Deakin Improved Steel

The leather grip is original, if a little worn (some small sections missing), which is satisfying as you hold the same grip as the original trooper(s) as he / they fought with it hand-to-hand with the French on a number of occasions. Sword reference number 404 (59).





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