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1796 - 1805 British Naval Cutlass (sold)

A pre-1805 pattern British naval hanger cutlass in good condition; very likely to have seen action against the French during the Napoleonic Wars (Trafalgar, etc.).

Early 1800's British Naval CutlassNapoleonic Wars British Naval Cutlass

Sold Item Notice

This is a Napoleonic Wars period British naval cutlass. Most people will recognize it as a circa 1740 British infantry hanger but the British navy, prior to the introduction of the 1805 pattern cutlass, used this sword as a cutlass. I know it is a naval hanger cutlass not an infantry hanger sword as a) it has a British crown inspection mark on the blade (these were first used in 1796), b) only British infantry officers and sergeants generally carried swords after the mid 1780's and c) in 1796 a new pattern was introduced for the infantry. Only British naval cutlasses of this hanger pattern were made post 1796.

Crown Inspection Mark

Therefore this cutlass almost certainly was present during naval conflicts with the French fleet, perhaps even Trafalgar. The 73 cm blade is in good order and firm in the hilt, which is also good. Further photographs available upon request.

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