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Mid 18th Century Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backsword (Sold)

Rare English made basket hilted backsword for a Scottish Highland infantry officer, circa 1740 - 1750.

Mid 18th Century Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backsword1750 Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backsword

Sold Item Notice

This is a rare English made basket hilted "backsword" (differs from a broadsword as it has only one cutting edge, not two) for a highland infantry officer around the time of Culloden (1746). English made swords were favoured by the Campbell, Grant, Munro and Fraser Clans. The basket hilt is a little less ornate then a Scottish made sword of the time, but this was very much an effective and feared weapon.

The 33 inch blade is firm in the hilt, but the grip does move up and down by about 1.5mm as the ferrules are missing. There is an area of the basket hilt dented inwards a little and one of the hilt’s smaller bars has snapped away from a larger bar but appears complete. The blade does bend slightly towards the tip end hardly / not noticeably unless you look down the spine. This sword will have been used on at least one unfortunate soul, almost for sure; hence the condition.

An example of this sword is shown on Page 341 of Richard H. Bezdek’s Swords and Swords Makers of England and Scotland. Further pictures available upon request.

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